Dr Adam Burns

Dr Adam Burns is a post-doctoral researcher in the department of oncology at the University of Oxford, based at the Oxford Molecular Diagnostics Centre, where his research focuses on developing next-generation sequencing-based tools for clinical diagnostic use. After obtaining his BSc from the University of Hull, Adam worked in industry for a number of years before joining Oxford University in 2009, where he developed screening assays for clinically relevant mutations, including KRAS, BRAF and JAK2, across a range of haematological malignancies. Adam obtained his PhD from Oxford Brookes University in 2016 for his work developing a targeted sequencing panel to help diagnose myelogenous haematological malignancies, a panel which has since been adopted for routine diagnostic use in the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Adam’s current research is centred on using nanopore sequencing as an accurate, low-cost, easy-to-use screening platform to detect clinically relevant genetic changes in haematological malignancies for use in resource-poor regions of the world.