Dr Jenny McIntosh

I first started work on haemophilia with my PhD, which was joint between the Royal Free and the National Institute for Biological Standards and Controls, titled “investigations of the thrombin generation test for the measurement of Factor VIII”. In essence I was using a global test of haemostasis to better understand assay discrepancies in the measurement of FVIII. Whilst writing my thesis I became interested in gene therapy for haemophilia which had shown some hints of success. I managed to leave the world of assay discrepancies and joined the Prof Nathwani’s team at UCL as a Post Doc. I have worked with Prof Nathwani since 2003, and have worked on various aspects of gene therapy since then, such as purification methods for adeno associated virus, transient immune depletion to allow a second dose, and a gene therapy approach for haemophilia A. The haemophilia A construct is now in a UCL clinical trial and is also been successful developed by BioMarin.  I have been on secondment to a UCL spin out company Freeline which was formed into 2015, building on the UCL haemophilia B work to transition this to market. I have recently returned to the UCL Cancer Institute as a Lecturer.